The Family At Venture West Ranches

It is good to choose a representative wisely especially if they will be looking after some treasure which maybe has taken you or your family tears, a lifetime, sweat or even the result of your family's lifeline hardwork! Other times it could be that you have finally fulfilled a dream of owning an inheritance property, finally getting a buyer for a family ranch or farm that has treasures of memories. At Venture West Ranches we understand all this.


You see, we at VWR were born here, some of us operate from here and others have acquired ranches here. The ties that we have to Montana run deep. Most of us were born and raised here and we value the way we live here. Venture West Ranches was established in 2005 and we have offices in Three Forks, Bozeman and Montana. We have done business in most areas of Montana. You can see here for further assistance. 


Team Work


Every client is treated with respect and integrity. This is because we understand that the transaction they will have with us will significantly impact on their lives. Our team is very small and closely knit. We all have valuable knowledge about the market and this helps us to efficiently work for our clients.




Venture West Ranches maximizes on any chance that we have to advertise our property. Using social media marketing, drone technology, the Internet, professional photography as well as email, magazines and periodicals in general. Unlike other real estate companies we have a different approach because we have with us a team member whose internet knowledge is solid and has a strong print and marketing background. Our experience with real estate farm and ranch borders over 40 years and this we couple it with modern marketing perspectives to ensure that we expertly expose our property.



At VentureWest Ranches we perceive ourselves at the land stewards and are responsible for the beauty and protection of Montana. This is one of our priorities. After being at the conservation easements to making sure that wildlife and water are taken into account, we take Montana at one among the wonders of the world. Montana boasts of broad wildlife, implausible history and grand landscapes. All this beauty should be saved for generations to come.


Finally, in case you desire to own a property being a farm, recreation or ranch or if you want to sell yours, please feel free to contact us. Here at Venture West Ranches, our approach is low key and we ensure our client's dreams are fulfilled. Check out this website to get started. 

Go to to know more about modernizing a ranch style house. 


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